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by Shay S
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Is this website legit? Anyone tried it?

I'm thinking of trying Autopin for Pinterest automation, but I see that the website above is offering the service for free, which makes me wonder why... I didn't find any catch yet.

So... Anyone's using it or can say if this website's legit?

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    Give a try with some pseudo accounts and see how does it works for you.
    There are many websites which serve visitors free for some accounts and charge when you wish to use multiple.
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    I have been looking for an auto pin program honestly. I do everything by hand now and it is hard sometimes to keep up. I was looking at Ninjapinner. has anyone had any luck with this?

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    I'm gonna try with a pseudo account as advised, will try to keep updates with how credible the tool is.

    One thing that bothers me is that you just give away your account email and password, though if things are going badly I guess I can always reset the password and prevent access to other sources.
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    Hi Stay away from NinjaPinner or Autopin they got my 2 Pinterest accounts banned due to suspicious activity.
    I simply use now the free online Pinterest marketing tool Pinterest Auto Follow Tool - Auto Comment, Schedule Pins & Much More Pinterest Marketing Tools it runs on the cloud as an Auto Pilot, And it even pins stuff from my sitemap.
    Already 4 months of using it now and it boosted a lot my followers and thus my traffic.
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      How much traffic do you get? can I ask?
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  • I don't know :/ but i have a question.. Is it safe for your pinterest account? :/
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      Originally Posted by theirslawyerexpert View Post

      I don't know :/ but i have a question.. Is it safe for your pinterest account? :/
      I think it's safe as long as you try to imitate a human behavior as much as possible, taking it slow and not look like a 24/7 spammer bot. If you can do that I think these tools are great, especially for lazy and misanthropic people like me who cannot like and comment on social media for more than 30 seconds at a time.
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    Yes, I tried it for my pinterest account and have been using it ever since. Its great..powerful and easy to use.
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    pseudo account is the best for pintrest automation.

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    I think that tool works better i have heard very good review about, surely you can use that..
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