How to use Facebook ads increase YouTube views?

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I've been trying to promote my videos on Facebook by boosting the posts on my fanpage. I believed that I was doing it right, choosing the right public on Facebook Audience Insights, but both FB and YT analytics says that most of the people DO NOT watch the video or click on the URL.

FB stats on the boosted post says that hundreds and even thousands of people clicked on the post, but I think they only liked it without watching it.

The last 3 or 4 times that I did that, I couldn't get even 50 views coming from FB according to YT analytics, but FB stats shows that lots and lots of people liked the post.

I really don't understand this. People are just using FB on autopilot, just liking stuff without knowing what it is? Or am I doing something wrong?
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    it has something to do with the containing "video" funny video? what is that you're promoting?
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    You increase your YouTube views by ranking high. Try to upload new videos all the time and see which ones get you the most rankings.
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    Yeah, you should never just "boost" the fb video. There is a way to do it in the power editor.

    But you should make sure you have your audience dialed in, and use the campaign "video views" or clicks to website in order to season your pixel (if you know what that means).

    If not, just go for engagement or video views. Learn video ads in and out and you'll be ahead of the curve.

    Video and live video are IN now and whoever is not on it, will be hurt in 2017.

    Are you trying to promote a yt video on fb? If so, you'll need to choose engagement most likely. And use the post already created.

    Man, that is probably uber confusing lol.
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    You should work on the video content, add some funny and interesting videos, give a relevant and attractive title. Do not just boost your videos, share naturally on your page and give a caption for your audience to increase engagement.
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    I think the facebook on autopilot is a bigger issue than us marketers want to believe. People really do like or even share without looking at the content. You have to get into engagement like someone had mentioned. Or maybe a video is not your best medium. Maybe people will be more affected by a single image if that is possible to do with your product.
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    YouTube allows it's videos to be embedded into Facebook. When the videos are embedded properly then the Likes, Dislikes, Sharing and view are all counted.
    You can use the following tips to increase the video likes on Facebook:
    1. Minimize long introductions and ads
    2. Keep videos less than 2 minutes
    3. Pick the best thumbnail; Facebook doesn't auto play 100% of the time, particularly on mobile. You can right-click on videos to edit and select the best thumbnails offered by the Facebook
    4. Do not forget to ask the users to like and share the videos
    5. Focus on the value of the contents
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    Instead of setting the goal to "Boost Post" have you tried setting an advertisement with "Increase Video Views" as your goal? Here Facebook will be tailoring the results base on who are the people who are most likely to view your videos. It doesn't work the way boost post does which drives you likes and comments.
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