What makes a site go viral?

by coxmg
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hi what makes a site go viral and popular? could be web or mobile app.
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    I don't think there is a magic to be able to achieve such thing. You must provide interesting and useful thing to the people and your product should get attention.
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    Your stuff can only go viral by being shared a lot. (That is sort of the definition, I know.) What you need is the influencers in your niche to all come together and have some valid reason to all share your post and at about the same time. You would want to get to know these leaders and do something for them. If you give them something of your time or attention and actually help them in some way they are more likely to help you as well. The best thing you can do is be as helpful in your niche as you can. Use your creativity and I bet you can think of a reason or two why they would be motivated to help you. It has to have something in it for them in order to work. If you can make it work, it should be a huge tidal wave of traffic. Best of luck.
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    Content that they want their friends to see. First, you need good and catchy content, but also a base for it to grow on. I could post the funniest meme in the world but if only 300 people see it, it might not go viral. If 10,000 people see it initially, it has a much higher chance of being shared.

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    great thanks
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    i have a social networking site that i hope will go viral among certain age groups
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    You'll need somebody with a large following to post your content, whether it is by their own discretion or paid.
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    You need viral content to make your website get noticed.

    Make a video, have an article relating to your business and make up some controversy around it as an example.
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    do you think a news article would help? who should i try to get to publish info on it
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      Originally Posted by coxmg View Post

      do you think a news article would help? who should i try to get to publish info on it
      Yes that could. Just make up some sort of fake news, X celebrity involved in it, etc etc. Lot's of ways to do this, think outside the box!
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    A funny video or Meme is always helpful

    And of course the more active--and the followers you have on social media--the better.

    Also, do not neglect being active in the big forums on your niche as well.

    Lastly, when you "put out" your funny video or Meme--try announcing it with a press release.

    Prweb.com is the best place to use for press releases--it is expensive--but it is the best place.
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    okay guys heres the situation ive got the social networking site up and running. Its getting a lot of hits on twitter, when people view it they think its a great idea, but actually what is happening is they are viewing the site and simply refusing to sign up lmao! funny but how do i get more signups? the signup is through facebook and you can do it in 1 click.
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