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Hello everyone, i just joined this forum to learn more about creating great facebook ads to promote my business.

At the moment is spend about $20 a day on facebook promoting but i am not getting the result i want to achieve.

My website is work in progress and will be completed by the end of the month so i can start using tracking to see the real result but at the moment i am dragging customer to my Etsy shop.

So in short are there any good Facebook courses out there worth taking to increase my result?

Thanks in Advance
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    There are ton Facebook courses out there, however the BEST way to learn Facebook is to just use it. Test, Test, Test. Start with $5/day and keep track of what you do. There's a really good FB group you might want to join…I'll get the name and put it in here later.
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    Best courses I'd advise to learn from are from top guys and not some wso crap.
    It will cost you more than a few bucks but these guys are real pros that actually spend A LOT of money on advertising.
    IF you are a total newbie a good course can save you a lot of trial and error.
    I have 0 interest whatsoever in promoting any of these courses. I just wish I could learn this stuff right from the beginning.
    I would check courses from Digital Marketer(Ryan Deiss) Or Keith Krance both are great.
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