Best way to create a new FB profile and ads account

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OK so I've posted a few days about my FB business manager being banned for no apparent reason after promoting a post.
The only possible reason I see for the ban could be too much text on my images.
I had a few previous posts that got too much text message.
Some of them got approved and some not.
Pretty lame season for a ban.
Maybe their auto system logged it and reached some kinda ban score.
I've contacted support but I doubt it they will do anything about it.
The haven't been helpful in the past.
So I was thinking I might create a new account for my dad.
He doesn't have fb account.
What should I consider?
I can use it from a different browser but should I use vpn aswell?
Not sure I should use a vpn for some other country.
I could change the address a bit cause it's a non English address.
Or should it be totally different?
Also is it better to use virtual credit card or a credit card I have that I never used with fb ads?
Is it a good idea to use that new account to promote posts from one of the pages ive used with my account that got banned?
How about promoting same domain? pretty sure there wasn't a problem with the domain since its a self development niche.
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    Also always keep in mind of all the influences you have when adveritising on social media! I have a blog post about the 7 R's of social media. It is best for facebook but goes for all social media platforms, fame for your business

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