I am able to rank videos in YouTube, Any suggestion please to earn more money?

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Hello guys,

I asked this question in the Main Internet Marketing Discussion section, but I would like to ask it here too, cause I think you guys at this section can help me with the question as well...

After a lot of trails and errors and also after spending more than $2000 now I have found a method which can be used to rank almost any YouTube video. It seems that I am able to bring almost any video of any niche to the first page of YT in a week or so now.

I am going to make money from the trick which I have found.
I tried the trick with a few ClickBank sale videos (Took the permission from the vendors to edit their videos and then to re-upload them on YouTube). Till now I have managed to earn almost $700 out of those videos (By putting the affiliate link in the video description and inviting the visitors to visit the sale page of the vendor).

I am going to make more and more money out of YT now.
I have just 2 questions please, and would be really appreciated if you could help me.

1. My main question: Apart from ClickBank, which affiliate platforms might be the best in your opinion to give them a shot as well? If the platform contains/offers videos it would be great too, cause I wont need to make the videos myself.

2. Do you think that affiliate marketing would be the best or fastest method to go with to earn good money out of YT? Or you have other suggestions as well please?

Thank you very much for any help.
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    I think affiliate marketing is great, even when you make your own products, it can be a nice supplement. I recommend checking out warrior plus and jvzoo. You can get paid for suggesting products to your list.
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    What's your strategy for ranking

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    Your feedback is appreciated!

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    1. Jvzoo.

    2. Fastest yes, most profitiable no.

    Ads on the video is where the money is at, create a YouTube channel and get fans and subscribers, that's real money right there.
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    I never did affiliate marketing therefore i can't answer your 1 question.

    For your second question, you can monetize your videos on Youtube, and surely you can earn a lot of money from it. Affiliate marketing also a great idea, and from your description you already earn some money from it.

    What can i suggest you isn't from marketing strategy expert or seo expert point of view but from audience. Originality and uniqueness is what makes you success. pewdiepie becomes success from the way he play games and his reaction. he is good at this and we love to see him plays games for us.

    If you want to be a successful youtuber you have to make me and other audience always want to come back to your channel and watch all videos that you made. That's comes from originality, uniqueness and effort that you put.

    I wish the best luck for you.
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    On question 2: there are several other ways apart from affiliate marketing with which you can make money. Consider buying a domain and hosting and associate that with your youtube channel and build an email list (depends on the niche you are in as well) and market to that niche. Use that associated website to place affiliate links within the video through cards and annotations. The click through rate to your videos is much higher than when you refer people to the description box because most people viewing via mobile tend to not go there to click.

    Congratulations on your success.
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    Yes warriorplus and jvzoo,those I can highly recommend

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  • I also agree with mdallen. You can get paid for suggesting products to your list. Thanks for your question.
    Advertising Profits From Home by Anthony Morrison to not only make additional income, but builds your own successful internet business.
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