How to post up ads for likes then re-market them for traffic with the likes?

by orthon
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I need to find a way to start an ad campaign (boost, post engagement- likes) where I can get likes for actual ads, not just posts. Then I want to take the ads with likes and remarket them for website clicks (I'm an affiliate marketer, clicking through share-a-sale in this case, no landing page).

Problem: I can use post engagement (boosting etc) for posts but not for ads proper, I cannot figure out how to do this. It won't let me put in my affiliate links when doing anything like post engagement, only for traffic as far as I can tell.

Question 1: How can I post up an Ad (with the affiliate link in there) so it can get likes (boost it, post engagement) instead of traffic?

Question 2: How can I then take the liked ads and run them as a traffic campaign and keep the likes so the public sees them in the display ad?

Question 3: Is there any way to take a boosted post with lots of likes and turn it into an ad with a Shop Now affiliate link, that keeps all the likes?

I can boost posts, but posts don't have click-thru URL's to the actual affiliate link so all the likes do me no good.I need the likes on the actual ads - how do I do that and then re-market the ad as a traffic campaign showing all the gathered likes?
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