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Hi guys,

I'm having some trouble on promoting a test I created to generate leads.

A bit of background:
- We need leads that will support us for our Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo.
- Audience is mainly man/women +35 related directly or indirectly to any mental disorder.
- Test is about Stress at the workplace and is made by professionals (there's a form at the end of the test, to see results you need to sign up and additionally you'll receive 6 tips on how to fight stress)

We want to distribute the Test directly among the target audience (forums and facebook groups related to health are our thoughts), but we are having difficulties on how to distribute it in forums and fb groups. We are contacting bloggers already and will run a giveaway with one of the bloggers, but still we want to explore other opportunities and cost-free.

Any advice?

Thanks a lot!
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      Originally Posted by Heavens90 View Post

      No one? Would appreciate the help
      It look so like a blatant advert for whatever you're trying TO sell.

      You have a link but it's a tracking link. That's fishy.

      You come in here "seeking" advice but it looks more like
      You're looking for a lot more than that.
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    Hi Nathan,

    It's not my intention, though. This one is not the audience that I'm looking for at all. Besides, what for? link, alright, just because I've got in hand there. Let me edit and remove the link, let's see if then I'm more reliable...

    As I mentioned, I got the content, but I was looking more for ideas (maybe scraping emails? Linkedin ads (since it is stress-related?)

    Thanks! And sorry if it looks like I was spamming, again, not my intention, it's a forum about Online Marketing, not related at all with the target audience.

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