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If any of you have been following social media trends in the US, I'm sure you have heard of Danielle Bregoli and her now famous phrase.

I just had to say...I think the Dr.Phil show did a fantastic job with marketing and is now capitalizing on Danielle's new found fame.


Danielle is doing it better. She now has an Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account where she engages her new fans and keeps building her audience. She was also recently featured in a big rappers music video. One thing that really struck my curiosity and made me have even more respect for her is the fact that she's only 13 and is embracing all of the fame, hate, attention etc and using it to make money. She recently opened up a shopify store with tshirts and hoodies with her face on it with her now famous catch phrase and appears to be selling multiple hundreds of dollars worth of her products daily...HOW BOU DAH?

What are your thoughts?

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    Hustle Hustle Hustle...

    She's doing well for a 13 year old I'll agree! But for the most part, it's definitely a trend and unfortunately trends do end. Sustainability with what she's doing is near zero (if not zero).

    She'll need to evolve into more than just a one line celebrity. (Numa Numa dancing guy for instance is an example of what I mean by sustainability).
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    5 minutes of fame.

    But she's utilizing those 5 minutes very well!
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    I wish fame would be given for more meaningful actions.
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    The things people get famous

    Good for her if she is making money from it. Hopefully she trademarked her famous saying.
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