Ideas for an instagram contest?

by bsurb
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Good afternoon. Iv been thinking about creating some sort of Instagram contest giveaway that would help boost my page to 10,000 followers, but was hoping to get some unique ideas from everyone.

Right now Im at 8,800 followers, I want to do a "10K giveaway" item. I have a Tshirt and a Hat that I could give out to the winner.... but what should I do?

Iv done contests in the past where my only rule was for everyone to tag 3 friends in the comment section, which didnt give me too many followers/participants.

Any ideas on a contest that would help get friends to follow my page to help reach 10K?
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    Just throwing it out there my names Jordan Webster Instagram is TyeDyeTheSky but just a suggestion have you tried doing a giveaway we're the winners get to be your promoter for say 4 months free of charge??
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    You're not saying very much about your niche, you could run a selfie photo contest. Ask contestants to take a photo of themselves with your niche product to win your prize.
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    How would I benefit from either one though as in terms of getting new followers?
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    You could have crowd participation and say whoever does the best video promoting the product that your trying to sell or your business you will give the hat and shirt too(I would give something else like a gift card no offense a shirt & a hat just doesn't seem like something they can continually use if you get my drift) as people do the videos you repost them on your page leading to the winner that way they get promotion you'll be getting promotion because they have to make the post acknowledging your contest so it goes hand in hand! People would have to be creative because they only have 1 minute on Instagram lol
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      Interesting.. thanks for taking your time to reply. With my niche I'm trying to figure out the best way to work this.
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    The summary is:

    1- Partner with another account: great way to grow your exposure and followers by sharing them across your accounts

    2- Have a clear call to action: e.g. “Tag a friend” making it clear what they need to do to enter the contest

    3- Be clear about the rules: end date, start date and clear rules

    4- Keep the contest short: 3–5 days so you can post often about it but not bore your followers by still posting weeks later about the contest. Tip: schedule them using

    Once you do one you'll learn a lot. Do it again and again and you’Ll steadily grow your account.
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    there is an app called kingsumo that allows people to enter your contest and get extra entries by sharing the contest on social media... It is a bit expensive but it would accomplish your goal. i am not an affiliate or owner of kingsumo. I have just read about it a lot on Pinterest.
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