How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Within Minutes AND Build Your Email List FAST for FREE!

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Today I'm going to show you a really powerful (but simple) method to siphon traffic from FACEBOOK! You may already know how to use Facebook ads, but this is different. In fact some of these methods still shock me at how simple it is to pull off!

Here are some benefits to using this Facebook Siphon Method:

1. You will get instant results.
2. You will find super ultra highly targeted leads
3. You can find local customers (for local businesses)
4. You can STEAL clients away from your COMPETITORS!!!

Let's get into the methods, you can see how I do it in the video...

#1 Find High Quality Friends

There are 6 methods to finding highly targeted friends:

1. People who "Like" PAGES
2. Members of GROUPS
3. Like or Comment on AUTHORITY FIGURES
6. People Who LIVE in your LOCAL Area! (for local businesses)

#2 Post Quality Content

NOW... In order for you to siphon the traffic, you must start making high-quality posts (don't just post your affiliate link as your status - that's just spam)... here are a few examples:

1. Analyze your competitors BEST (most engaging) posts, and copy their strategy
2. Post links to content on your blog or youtube video, with a description
3. Post a MEME with a quote, and a cool descriptive story

#3 KEY: Add your LINK in the COMMENTS

If you start posting your affiliate link or website link directly in facebook status, you will just get ignored and not have any engagement.
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