The BEST way to promote a Fiverr Gig and earn real $$$

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Hi guys! I'm a TRS on Fiverr and have been a freelancer for 5 years now. Quite some time.
I just want us to share our opinion based on the experience of promoting/optimizing Fiverr gigs - in ways which really worked, not only theory.

I will start first and share 3 ideas which I have used.

1. Get a big number of sales in a short period (1-2 days) and over deliver. This helped me get a better positioning in Fiverr's SERPs

2. Using the main keyword of your gig in the first paragraph. This boosted my rankings quite fast - and I've got on the first page in less than 24h

3. Never lose a review. Once an order is marked as complete automatically, I contact the buyer and offer him a bonus in exchange of the review. 50% of them are willing to do that. It's important to do this every day - don't delay this - the fresher the order, the biggest chance to get a review.

I hope these are useful and also that everybody will start sharing some useful inputs - I'm more interested in promoting the gigs outside Fiverr - but I will appreciate any of your ideas and hopefully everybody will have something to earn from this
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      @grandstar Thanks! I'm in the social media design niche. So, do you have any ideas to share?
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        Originally Posted by northwish View Post

        @grandstar Thanks! I'm in the social media design niche. So, do you have any ideas to share?
        Such as designing Facebook and Twitter pages, etc.? Thank for sharing your Fiverr advice.
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    Originally Posted by northwish View Post

    1. Get a big number of sales in a short period (1-2 days) and over deliver. This helped me get a better positioning in Fiverr's SERPs
    The question is, how do you get a large number of initial sales?

    The rest (such as encouraging reviews, albeit a great idea) would perhaps be considered as an accessory tactic.
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      Buyer requests is one idea. Also, Fiverr talks about contacting your friends and family to get your gig. Maybe starting with different kind of gigs and creating a gig for specific buyer requests is another idea, just to kick the ball and start rolling some reviews and get L1, L2 fast. I did a lot of stuff - from stop motion videos to website reviews. You have to struggle in the beginning.

      Fiverr experiments different strategies, and the new one is the promoted gigs - growing the fee of the gig with 5-15% just to get more traffic.
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    Awesome post!

    As a level-2 seller myself, I can concur that offering bonuses in exchange for a review is totally killer.

    Also, try to OVERDELIVER if you're just getting started.

    HUSTLE to get your first few clients!

    If everyone is offering 250 words for $5, then offer 500.


    No, I am not trolling for clients, I am not accepting any and am not a freelance writer anymore lol.
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    Thanks for the BONUS tip

    I never thought of that

    My contribution? Craigslist can boost your Fiverr order volume

    Build Your Passive Income Empire the SMART WAY
    Pay less / Earn More / Start Earning Faster
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    And another idea is to ask a seller which would want to make for example a $20 order, to make 3 different $5 orders. I know that you lose $5, but you gain 2 extra reviews. Otherwise the buyer would have to pay the extra $4 for the 4 x $1 paypal fee. I didn't try this - it just popped up. I will try it. Maybe it helps
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    Just thought of this so no idea if it would work or even be viable.

    When you've just made a sale and you know the buyer has a website, how about offering something in return for him displaying a banner on his site that links to your Fiverr gig. You might have to make a banner to match the feel/look of his site or they might just agree to a contextual link somewhere; maybe even a blog post/article. Depends on the nature of their site of course. In return you could offer to do another gig for free in a months time. It would be quite easy for them to agree to an exchange gig but then delete your link as soon as you delivered your side of the deal.
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    I also remember something about a daily special menu area maybe in the top right. You have to enter your gig in a special area to get into that.
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    I joined fiverr last two weeks, still struggling finding client. It is so tough to compete in seo gigs, cause there's a lot top rated seller there.

    How can we beat them?
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      Originally Posted by alishamorgan View Post

      I have a Fiverr account , I did three jobs complete for two buyers but one of my buyers gave me 2.5 rating though i gave him
      full job and wanted to correct all things if it is wrong. Now he could not correct his rating to positive. Now I have been facing
      a problem of positive rating deficiency, i need 90 percent to get more job offer but i only 77 percent.

      How can i increase my rating ? Any one here to help me ?
      Request mutual cancellation to your buyer, and tell that you want to give the money back as an apology for his/her unsatisfaction. Say that you want to make him/her happy with a full refund and let him/her having the work for free.

      I'm learning to draw again ...
      I want to sell my drawing later on!
      Wish me luck, okay?!

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    Have you ever put sell something that fiverr seller want on Buyer Request section?
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    Thanks so much, very helpful information myself have been struggling with my Fiverr gigs, but I will sure put this to test!
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    Does the blog commenting and social bookmarking help to promote fiverr gig?
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