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Hello guys !

Newbie here, in need for some help.

I set up an Instagram account several months ago. Everything went great for a while but then I noticed that the number of followers that I had went down. I want to gain followers organically and also more engagement.

Any suggestion on what I should do ?

Selena Martinez
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    Hi Selena,

    Instagram followers go up and down, the simplest way to maintain the new followers is to follow them back. People often use automated bots that follow certain profiles based on the hashtags, and then unfollow them, if they haven't followed back. Hope it helps!
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    Hey Selena,

    The best way to attract organic traffic, in my opinion, is to post regularly on consistent ideas. Keeping a regular flow of content shows potential followers that you aren't a "once every blue moon" poster and will likely be able to offer them something.

    Another thing to do is to write more engaging captions; write about what the core message of your post is.

    Follow this up with a question at the end, relevant to what you posted. This can encourage people to join the discussion and participate in what you do.

    Instagram numbers naturally rise and fall, some users track down other users that post with specific hashtags and follow them. They're only looking to gain followers back. Sometimes, bot accounts are deleted en masse and this can attribute to a sudden drop in followers.

    Just keep at it and the disinterested followers will naturally filter out, leaving the honest followers.
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    follow him and get follow back stick with this strategy and post someting sequentially.
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    As mentioned you need to post regularly even 3-5 times a day is best. Also its still easiest to get followers by following people and hopefully they like your account and follow back. Post quality content and use your hashtags.

    I have a video here on Warrior Forum that shows how I add approx. 5000 followers per month to each of my accounts. Here it is:

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    Follow mrswagset advice. It will definitely help you gain more followers.
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