Selling non-copyrighted products using previously created niche fan page?

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Last days I'm thinking about what could be the best option, as a long term (mostly time) investment, when it comes to selling specific products to a niche audience.
I'm thinking about building some kind of fan page (social media), and maintain it regularly by posting relevant content (made by me), and after some time start selling products to followers. I know there are many doing this with merch campaign, but it's mostly short term - build a fan page just for that specific product, run a campaign and take the profit, if any. The page become dead afterwards, while it still has potential.

What I'm thinking here is to first focus on building engaging audience and having relevant and interesting content. That means not trying to profit for a first few months.

My question is - is it worth the time I'm about to put in? What are the chances of page being taken down on social media? I will totally NOT break any copyrights when selling products. In their final stages, pages would be about 70% posting relevant content with no word about selling a product and 30% selling a product from time to time.
What are your experiences with this kind of marketing, is this the way to go? I constantly see unofficial pages with large follower base and good engaging, but for majority of them their goal is only to get traffic to their website.
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