How do YOU get traffic to your website?

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What method do you use to get traffic?
And what kind of business do you have?
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    I'm an IMer, and I use both organic and paid traffic. I target a narrower scope, which makes me spend less on paid traffic. Through the years, I've developed a good following as well, allowing me to get leads from organic traffic.
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    I own an Internet Marketing business, so I get organic and paid traffic. My organic traffic can be attributed to my SEO efforts, while my paid traffic is from social media promotion.
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    All kinds of traffic for you

    Free traffic : Share
    1 .Instagram
    2 .Facebook
    3 .Twitter
    4 .Youtube
    5 .Forum
    6 .Site optimization (Seo Onpage, Seo Offpage)
    Paid Traffic (Solo Ads, Bing Ads, Banner Ads )
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      Can you explain how you do banner ads. Are they less expensive than ppc? I would really like to learn more about banner ads.
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    I am engaged in online advertising. I have my clients that I'm advertising.
    Greater emphasis on contextual advertising, targeted advertising, and advertising on Facebook.
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    Make a Social group keep active that group and push your ontent in it You will results

    Seo tips Free Paytm Cash

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    I post here, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Blog Posts, Youtube videos, and solo ads. I am an Internet/Affiliate Marketer.
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    If you want instant traffic Facebook groups is way to go.
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    social media, especially facebook, youtube and linkedin. try out linkedin!!!
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    Do On page & Off page SEO .
    Both together works on different aspects of website & help in gaining the traffic. To gain traffic & improve ranking a website should be perfect in all the aspects starting from designing then further to content, titles of page, images etc.
    We are mainly in to logo designing & corporate identities designing.
    Also we do digital marketing for our clients using both organic & paid techniques.
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    I utilize all sorts of traffic sources like social media, organic traffic from search engines, and paid traffic from many different avenues. All of these help my websites look established.
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    In experience, I usually get traffic from the following ways:
    1. Create a satellite website
    2. Social networks
    3. Forums
    4. Email maketing
    5. Create Promoted Videos
    6. ....
    There are many other ways. In practice, you will come up with a better idea to get traffic.
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    There're many ways to get traffic, free ways and paid ways. You can see my thread here for more detail how to do it

    Good luck to you,
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    you use google adwords ads and facebook ads, ...
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    For Getting Traffic for free you can use FB Groups and Twitter. Here, for only site acquisition, it works on Conversion Upfront it won't work.I mean to say Traffic won't convert much here.It's Good to have them, though. They might share your content with their friend's circle which can get you targeted prospects to your site.
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    For free traffic:
    1 .Instagram
    2 .Facebook
    3 .Twitter
    But i recommend run ads first if u want to get traffic fast
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    Hey there

    great question....the easy way is just to buy traffic if you have the upfront money

    however you can put s ome time in and generate free traffic which is targeted to your keyword or website..
    To generate free traffic use facebook,warriorforum,

    of course there are many others out there you can use to drive traffic to your site
    This is how you do it
    go to each site that u want to use
    open a free account
    spend some time understanding all the bells and whistle of each site
    follow their rules
    then add to each site by commenting and posting your content which adds value to the site
    you will want to add your signature to each site so that each time you comment or post or likes you will generate traffic back to your website.. and this type of traffic is the best traffic because it is targeted to your niche site

    talk soon
    sam f
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