Whatsapp takesover snapchat in 2017

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The recent updates from its parent company facebook to Whatsapp are showing similarities in features, Whatsapp already boasts more users than snapchat, I also imagine most snapchat users also have Whatsapp so this move is winner takes all.

I wonder what marketing on Whatsapp will look like in 2017/18 I hope they don't limit how many people can be on your contact list.
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    Obviously, WhatsApp should taking over snapchat in upcoming years.

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    Is wattsapp and whatsapp the same thing?

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    I am not familiar with Whatsapp but familiar with Snapchat. What I am most curious about is if facebook will be smart enough to allow organic growth of brand in Whatsapp. I don't see how Snapchat survives longterm without ability to grow organically "within" that platform.
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    I love WhatsApp. I can make videos longer than ten seconds. I can send long audio files. It's great
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    To answer the starter of the thread (cashmagnet), I believe it would be a folly to limit contacts as that is the lifeblood of the app and sooner or later FB will monetize the app fully after all they paid $19 billion for it. I've always used Whatsapp but never Snapchat, unlike overtonis.
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      Snapchat was valued at $24bn at the start of it's IPO which is when FB launched WhatsApp Status' to knock them out the park.
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    This is definitely going to happen. Facebook (Insta&WhatsApp) have literally stripped Snapchat's USP away from it.

    Snapchat's parent company, Snap Inc. has even rebranded itself as a Camera Company. Not a tech company.

    I wrote more about this and how Snapchat will meet it's demise in 2017 here
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    No doubt that facebook will continue to grow Whatsapp. However, right now Snapchat is far ahead and it looks like Yahoo is going to do everything it can for Snapchat to succeed.
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