What things made facebook almost unique?

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We all use fb. And we look facebook more easy to use . There are many features that other websites have no.
I want to know what are the major factors which are making or have made the facebook more advance and unique..
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    A lot of it is just getting shit right when myspace was getting everything wrong. While myspace devolved into an unstable ugly mess, facebook was neat and never goes down. Item#2 that made Fb successful was probably the way it overlaid on top of an actual social network (colleges). This allowed it to do two things - its virtual social network matched its real life social network and people were comfortable to use their *real names*.
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    Advertising opportunities make facebook unique.
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    If you ask me, what makes Facebook advanced, unique, and the leading social media platform is it knows how it adapt with times, or even go beyond the times. It could be considered a one-stop platform for customers or businesses with the advertising services it offers and the great number of people present and active on it.

    Also, the best thing about Facebook is it doesn't stop innovating! That's why it continues to grow and grow.
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      I sometimes find Facebook's ability to innovate annoying but admit you're right, that contributes to it's success and growth!
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    Facebook has the ability to mix leisure and business well. Its ways aren't really unique, but it's outstanding. Plus, the number of people on Facebook contributes to the success of it.
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    groups, poke, page all things are unique.

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    Facebook has a lot of features like games, chat, etc. It also offers an opportunity for marketing.

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    Games, Chat, social interaction, social sharing, like button, and it has 1.5 or 1.6 billion people interacting. It would be foolish to ignore
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    So many different kinds of opportunities. Probably the most popular too.
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