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I'm looking at both the PotPieGirl one that's about $100 and the Melyssa Griffin (sp?) one that's about $400--that one has a bonus, and goes into email list-building via Pinterest. Wondering if anyone has taken both, or one of them? I have read ebooks on the topic, but feel videos would help.
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    I don't think you would need to spend that much to master Pinterest. It is not that complicated... I bet there is a cheaper one in the wso section... It is as simple as making nice looking pins and then following people in your niche and repinning their pins. Mostly if you have interesting boards and follow people, then they will follow you...
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    @strawhat I purchased Pinfinite Growth and just recently asked for a refund. Not because it was a bad course but because I want more 1 on 1 type of training. While Pinterest may not be difficult, I'm serious about my traffic and I want more personal help than Melyssa gives. Her course is nice but I think you can do just as good with other ones out there. I'm currently looking for another one myself. I'm trying to convince Erica Stone to create one for listbuilding bcause that's that I want to use Pinterest for. Melyssa's listbuilding module was not that thorough to me. I'm looking to send all my traffic to squeeze pages, not blogs and Melyssa's course is geared toward sending traffic to your blog and build a list after that. I'm not building a blog so that's why the course wasn't a good fit for me. I am considering her ListSurge course which is $100 cheaper but I fear it's going to be a bit vague as well. She has a 60 day refund policy and the customer service is great! Kenny (community director) will answer all your emails and questions as I had A LOT before I even purchased, he answered them all. Even when i asked for a refund they answered quickly and refunded immediately. If you do decide to invest you won't be disappointed in that aspect. I hope this helps you make a decision. I know PotPie girl does make good courses as well. I wasn't aware she made one so I'll go have a look at hers.
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      Thanks, that is good to know. I do have a blog I would like to drive traffic to and build a list. I also found a couple other Pinterest courses, Melanie Duncan and Summer Tannhauser. I have Erica's ebooks, which are good but I am looking for video (although I dislike video, I feel in this case I want to see it). Ooh I just saw PotPieGirl has a coupon code good today so I am getting that one (at least, to start). Have been hoping for a code!

      Pinterest is not difficult to use, but it's quite complicated to understand fully, and the algorithm changes a lot. My unlearned efforts have flopped--I know there is more I can be doing.
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    I found the one by PotPieGirl to be ok and I did seem to learn some few tricks of the trade. Most of the courses out there talk about the same thing.
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