Testing Facebook ad sets on a limited budget?

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Beginner question for any seasoned Facebook Advertisers:

I have around 15 dollars I can spend per day testing ad sets to find an audience for my product.

My question is: how can I be effective at testing ad sets while on a limited budget?

I'm unsure how many people should be targeted within each ad set. I don't even know if it is a good idea to group together similar interests.

Any guidance would be really appreciated. Thank you for reading!
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    I have had add sets generating as much as 9500 visitors with over 4000 engagements for around R114 (Around $8) Within a set time of 24 hours. I would strongly advise you focus on both keywords and location of your audience.
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      What would be an ideal audience size range for testing?
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        You want to be in the 150,000 - 450,000 + - range ...If it were me I'd drop back to $5 / day / ad set. that's enough for your Pixel to do it's thing and not blow your budget at the same time.

        ~ Ron
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        I agree with rcla67, that's a good figure to work with on a limited budget. Also try adding video to your add, it attracts a lot more attention.
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    $5 per ad set, so looks like you will only be able to test 3 different ads. Try to make the best of it, but it will be hard to get all the information needed to get the best performing ad (but still possible if you get lucky). Generally the different categories people test are text, image, and ad settings. All you can do is try a mix since you will only be able to test 3 ad sets.
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