How can I make my YouTube channel work for me?

by Crom
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Hey guys and girls!

I manage to make decent money with my website. I get a ton of organic search traffic and a good amount of traffic from YouTube. I promote medical ebooks on a specific subject. My problem is I've maxed out the money-making potential for this subject and need another source of income.

I'€™m good at selling my ebooks, I have basic or intermediate knowledge in web design and I have some skills in search engine optimization. But aside from that I have NO other life skills. Well, except for being a good father.

Needless to say I need ideas of how to bring in more money. BUT WAIT! I have a very strong YouTube channel, and for the most part, I can rank any video on the first page of YouTube search for a given keyword or keyword phrase (usually in the top 4 spots). And yes, it's real results not personalized results.

So I have been brainstorming on how I can make my channel work for me. Anyone got suggestions how I can use my channel for profit? And one that doesn't break YouTube guidelines. What would you do?

Thanks for any help!
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