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I'm trying to hammer out a process that is best for me. And for me, right now, I need to be able to share content relative to what I'm doing on facebook. So of course that's everyone here. But, I need to be able to do it fast. And it is fast... IF there is a share button on the page. If not... well then what? What if I want to share a blog to my facebook timeline, that is related to my niche, but there is no share button on the blog?

Or on the website? Or on... whatever it is that I'm wanting to share? I need to come up with a way to quickly share stuff with no share button. Some way that really doesn't take all that long. Simply posting a url in a post and saying "Hey check this out!" is a bad idea, as we all know. You want a comment, then an image, and then the material that you'd like them to read. Correct? Well if so, then a url and a comment is just poor practice.

So what is a good method of quickly "sharing" an article or a blog or a study (or anything) that doesn't have a share button on it?
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    Hi! Did you know about IFTTT? You try to find out! automated tools very well and quickly share your posts up to social networks, especially useful to Website says about the news.
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    No I did not. What is IFTTT?

    Will it allow me to create a facebook post that is similar to when you click the share button? I'm trying to cut out all the work, that the share button is designed to eliminate. The share button is great... you just click it, and it will basically do all the work for you. But when you don't have a share button...well then its going to get more time consuming.

    So I'm looking for a way to essentially, create my own share button. I'm looking for a way to be able to very quickly and easily post stuff up on my timeline, that doesn't have a share button. I don't want to have to sit there and upload an image, copy and paste the relevant text from the article, paste in a url... etc. I don't want to have to do all that, when there is no share button.

    Can IFTTT help me with that?
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    hm good you can use IFTTT
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      Originally Posted by sscexamresult View Post

      hm good you can use IFTTT

      Could you please elaborate?
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    I looked it up and yes it seems that IFTTT does automate some processes. But do yall think it could help with what I've described? Are you guys familiar enough with IFTTT, that you know it would work? I'd just like to know before I dive off into it.
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    if you are using firefox then you can click Tools>addons then in the search type "facebook share" there are several that do what you want. Google Chrome might also have a similar addon but I did not look

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  • If it's a blog you own and you're using Wordpress, you can use Jetpack's Publicize option, which automatically shares your blog post when you use it. IFTTT is also a good option. It's basically an app that automatically shares posts for you when you specify a certain action.

    If you're open to using social media management software, Hootsuite and Tailwind has a chrome and firefox plugins that would allow you to automatically share blog posts or websites. You would have to set up an account first, specify which social media accounts to share that blog post in, and when (scheduling)

    If you want to share a blog post time and time again without having to think about it, MeetEdgar would be your best option. When you have a MeetEdgar account, you can include links in the library and set a weekly schedule on when you want types of posts you want shared.
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    Thanks jonas and agm!

    For right now I ended up using the firefox addon that agm recommended. It works most of the time. It gets an image in there, and the first few lines of the article. Then all I have to do is post a comment, if I want to.

    Its not always perfect, but its well enough to get them reading, if they're the slightest bit interested. If they are not, then they weren't going to engage with it anyway. At least that's how it occurs to me.

    I will keep your methods in mind jonas, as I hone my technique. Basically all of this was to develop a very fast way of sharing articles and things to my timeline, that otherwise would have taken more work. If I get bogged down doing that, I'll get burnt out and won't want to do it anymore. So I needed something where I could just do a couple of clicks and have it be there.
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    I hear what you say about not wanting to simply post a URL. The easiest thing I've found in Facebook is after copying and pasting a URL into the post, hitting the keyboard space bar one space usually converts the URL into the actual article complete with the article picture, assuming an image is contained in the article. If it's an article without an image, I find it simple to snag a relevant image form Google to add to the post. After a nice visual article/image appears, I delete the URL from the post. It's easy for me and nothing external is needed.
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