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I have a budget of 500usd/month for facebook ads and i wanted to spend them on something to gain search ranking in google I heard that social signals is something that helps (some consider it doesn't help but lets leave that question to another forum) as far as SEO goes so i wonder what would be the best type of fb ad to spend the money on in order to get some good social signals?
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    Spread your budget out to encompass multiple keyword terms, demographics and regions. The single largest mistake my company encounters with new clients, is their previous ad management company has placed too many eggs in a single basket.
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    Use Facebook to build similar audiences for you, that should take some of the work out of it. It uses common interests of all users on Facebook to create a new audience for you to advertise to all with similar interests. The traffic you push should boost your ranking.
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      I would be very specific regarding audiences, as Facebook tends to group people into categories, based on group likes and page likes. For example, if I like the show Fast and Loud, Facebook will list me as an audience for being a car enthusiast, where that may not be the case at all.
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    Focused on building fans for your page
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