Best way to monetize an Instagram account?

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So my wife has this Instagram account with around 6300 followers and she gets between 500-1000 likes and quite a few comments per photo. Shes a photographer and she takes pictures of our kids and nature etc. She wants to make money off it eventually. I told her that one way to monetize it would be to figure out who her target audience is and then start a blog and drive traffic to the blog from the instagram to either build a list and/or make money off affiliate links related to your target audience.

There is always sponsored posts but those don't pay much and you need a fairly large account to make any money with those. She tells me she doesn't want to start a blog. Am I right in telling her what I told her or is there a better way? All ideas are appreciated. Cheers
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    Make your Instagram shoppable! Instagram is a great feature to build a community around the brand. It’s also a useful way to turn followers into customers. The combination of high-quality photos and well-communicated hashtags allows igers to promote stuff. Simultaneously, user-generated content is a valuable asset. Thanks to social hubs brands are able to gather customers posts, tweets, videos, and pics on their website. A happy client is a great advocate and the best marketer. He/she is an efficient seller either.

    Many customers are tired of searching for items which they found interesting previously. Online shopping could be easier thanks to the possibility of click-through links. Follow the guide below to build your own social hub and make your Instagram shoppable.

    1. Create your Engagehub account - it's easy and intuitive

    2. Choose +Add new Engagehub and Add New Connection (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Select preferred one and link your account

    3. Add commerce URL to chosen posts

    4. Go to the Design section. Choose colours and fonts. Decide if you want to show author, description, source icon, or commerce button.

    5. Publish your social hub on your website. If it is powered by Shopify, it takes seconds to add a new page and put HTML code of Engagehub. Other platforms also allow you to add a new page in a few steps. Copy embed code from your Engagehub and implement it into your page code.
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    You gave her correct advice. Social media platforms are a great way to increase traffic. But before choosing a social channel, it is advisable to target the platforms that are mostly utilized by the targeted audience.
    Only using a single social channel would not be able to get you much income. It is better if she develop a blog and use different social media channels to drive traffic to the blog. But make sure that the blog that she is going to develop is SEO friendly and optimized for the searching engines.
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  • One option would be to use her Instagram account as a portfolio and actually market herself as a photographer.

    If she's open to the idea, she can also turn her Instagram account into a store:
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    Another option would be to reach out directly to companies that have relevant offers.
    Also, people might be interested in the photos itself, so she could sell the royalty rights.
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    I've some suggestions..These idea may work who knows!

    1. Certificate your photos
    Instagram pictures that generate the most involvement are usually those with sincere resolution and informal candor, so if you’ve got any content that are especially powerful creatively, it’s likely that this is a resource you can benefit from.

    2. Make customized items to sell
    Got an concept for a great tee clothing style that your Instagram group would love?

    Tampa-based public e-commerce system ViralStyle makes it simple to develop and offer items to your viewers. Simply make the product, link your public networking records and marketing via e-mail details to enhance the strategy, then sit back and enjoy the sales come in.

    3. Cash out and shift on
    Social press action isn’t always as gorgeous as it’s made out to be, and visible systems like Instagram can be especially challenging on experts who often feel extreme stress to sustain pictures of excellence.
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    You can follow others in a niche that you want to target, and then add a cpa offer in the bio of your profile
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    Shout outs
    Do Affiliate Marketing
    Create Sponsored Posts (Find Sponsors)
    Promote some products or services
    or just sell the Instagram Account
    Signature - We pay top dollar for your dating traffic. Register now and earn cash
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    I saw a great idea which I want to implement myself. On the bottom of each image you post, write something like "You have a GIFT at". I would setup redirect page so I can track how many leads I get from the images, so you either buy a cheap domain, or use a landing page with short url.

    Need help with Social Media? Let me grow your engagement...

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      northwish that sounds a little bit scammy, I think it would depend on the type of account you had
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    Reverse engineer on what exactly people love about her account? Is it the photos she takes, the type of photos she takes, and etc.

    Use that information then to leverage an info product of sorts? Maybe create a FREE EBOOK on her photography strategies and then sell the email opt-ins a video product where she's step by step demonstrating the process she does in taking one of her photos

    Or maybe start selling the photos she takes? People would love portraits and stuff of that nature as well
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    She can always put a link in her bio that leads to her optin or sales page selling her products/services. She can create a post about a new sale or deal and encourage to click on the link in her bio.
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    Learn what she wants to sell.

    For the moment, until she figures it out, start capturing emails. You can do that free with (up to 2,000 subs I think). Simply put the signup form link in the Instagram description and tell people to click on the link if they want to learn more about whatever it is you want to sell.

    If she wants to make it more fashionable, she can try, connect the MailChimp to it and create a landing page too. but Leadpages is around $37/mo.
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    A bit late to the game...

    I use Fiverr to sell "shoutouts". Pretty easy money and over all an easy process. But I think you would need a larger account for any idea that you might have.

    For me it all started when I had about 15-20k followers. Your wife's engagement rate is good so far, but it usually is in the beginning. It drops off when growing. Check SocialGimp for analytics and stats (my own free website, hope you don't mind me promoting).

    Keep your account growing and try to keep the engagement rate high while you are growing. Get a few good reviews on Fiverr and you are off!

    Last tip: Ask a few friends to buy your gig on Fiverr to boost the number of good reviews. Give 5 friends $5 each. Get 5, $5 orders. Fiverr will take $1x5 in commission and you will get back $20 in revenue. To summarize: Cost: $5 for 5 good reviews! That will make a huge difference in how many orders you will get!
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