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Hey guys.

So I am not really sure how to begin this post so I will just get right into it.

I have been hired as an intern at an advertising agency in Belarus, Minsk. They work with clients all over Europe especially countries that speak Russian. They have yet to tap into the US market. Hence why I was brought in. Luckily I am bilingual and speak Russian so communication is not an issue. Besides the obvious translation help that I am providing, they have asked me to take control of PR in regards to their specific product. Their product is an instagram anaytical tool. This service provides over 35 different metrics including but limited to: bot count, competitor analysis, hashtag involvement, account trends, etc. The service is paid (there is a free trial period) but the pricing is EXTREMELY competitive to some of the other instagram analytical tools out there. There is a refferal feature that is built into this analytical tool that I believe will be a game changers when it comes to products in this market. Essentially every person you refer that signs up for the service, you will recieve 10% of their monthly subscription. Someone can establish themselves a healthy monthly income via this feature.

So I will be trying to market this tool via my own Facebook and instagram through the circle of people I already have.Furthermore I will be looking to reach out to bloggers and journalist who specilize in rating instagram analytical tools to see if they would be willing to review and rate this service. (Potentially even any kind of technological blog)

Can anyone reccomend any good blogging/tech website where someone might be willing to do a review about this service?
Also besides these things mentioned above, can anyone reccomend something else i can do to spread the word. ANY help is appreciated.
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