Buying real Instagram comments?

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Anyone tried that and has recommendations?

I want to make my account look more active and engaging, and the more comments there is, the more it will encourage others to post more. So, I'm looking for real comments services to kickstart off the thing.

I'm already currently posting on other people's IG accounts with sincere comments (not the usual "Cool" or "Awesome!" crap), but to get them to post on mine, it's really slow and almost non-existent.
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    I'd personally not go down the route of buying anything like that. If you're building your Instagram account for business and to potentially drive sales/traffic, you just gotta grind away.

    You can use some tools to help you grow the account but authentic engagement always working, especially with the ability to private message people and start a conversation between you and said person.

    You then potentially get their details and put them into a separate email list/funnel and just build from there.

    I'd rather have 500 authentic people that I could potentially sell to than 1000+ who are almost non-responsive.

    You could also even outsource your account management to someone else who will do all the commenting for you but again, it's not gonna be you.
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    Don't worry about spending your money on something so small as this. It sounds like what you need to do is work on growing your page and with that you will get more potential people commenting.

    There are some programs out there that will let you message people that like your instagram page. Alternatively, you can also get new followers with these programs and have the program leave a comment/like on their posts as you follow their page. This should both grow your page and help you to make your page look more active. One such program is MassPlanner (you will love this one). I am not affiliated with them in any way and I still recommend them.
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