Has anyone had great success with Facebook Ads for Local Businesses?

by Cody Middleton 7 replies
Ive recently set up a company to help local businesses advertise using FB ads. Can anyone here offer suggestions on wjat to charge, how to target my ads for the service I offer and any tips on top of that. Id really appreciate the advice from fellow warriors! Thanks.
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  • I think that you have started the wrong way.
    You can't charge for a service you don't know how to perform it. If you don't even know how to target correctly the audience, I would not even start as you will be wasting lots of money in ads and getting little, zero or negative results.

    What I suggest is go and watch every tutorial on youtube to set up campaigns, check some threads here and do your own testing campaigns.

    When you start getting positive results (leads, conversions, clients, sales, etc.) then you can start on selling your service because you ALREADY know how to.

    Said that what you need is to run starter ads to get traffic to your website and build an audience with the remarketing pixel. This starter campaign won't get you instant results, your objective will be to create a targeted audience which you will be showing more specific adsto that will lead to conversions.

    Use videos, to get cheap clicks or boost a post using images that stand out.

    You will need some kind of automatic funnel, you can do that by using clickfunnel or pageleads among others.

    But, being realistic, for this type of objectives like yours (local lead generation) you need to set some money apart to run ad campaign tests. At least you want to spend some good money on 1-and-1 coaching.
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      I have had some great success selling online. It's been a fun ride. Targeting for clients has been easy because they know the clients they already sell too. ( vet clinics to pet lovers, pizza shops to pizza lovers. ) thank you however for your advice.
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      • "Can anyone here offer suggestions on wjat to charge, how to target my ads for the service I offer and any tips on top of that."
        Well, if a pizza lover buy pizza because of your ads, then a business owner will buy your service because of your ads.
        Hint. show a case study.
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    Maybe you could offer some sort of incentive to get more clients then re-invest fees to grow the business quickly. You should be OK if you come across as professional.
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    You can easily target people within a certain geographical area of your business.Facebook allows you to target your Ads as finitely as a single town or city. This makes it easy to only show your Ad to the people who will be able to walk or drive to your store.Good Luck!

    Creative Designer and Developer !

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    The best thing to do is to offer your first campaign free minus the ad spend. So you tell the business owner I will run your campaign for free and you just pay for the ads. If I show you results you can hire me at a monthly rate of say 1K - 3K per month depending on the type of business and how much their leads are worth to them. You could also promote a webinar to business owners and at the end of the webinar make your pitch.

    I create designs for t-shirts, mugs and other print on demand products. I also offer training for Facebook marketing.
    I also have a t-shirt course which covers everything from finding a design to running ads to launching.
    Email me for more info: smartsites+tee@gmail.com

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    Fb ads now are very complicated, u have to ask for professional or try on a couse how to use fb ads
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