How do I monetize this Instagram account within Las Vegas? Thoughts??

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Here is the site -

For now, it is kind of at the blog style approach but it is intended to be a promotions page with eventually a lot of credibility and future events.

I started it about one week ago, today. What do you guys think I need to do to start monetizing it without spending any capital up front? Either gaining trust and capital from the outside clubs and venues I am promoting for for bringing them clients, or from getting patrons from across the country to use our services? Followers are coming in in a very stable consistent manner and likes on photos are naturally pulling from the #hashtag generation. pretty strong for very little effortless marketing, but I need to do more.

what would take it to the next level? I am in the industry, so I do a lot of promotion in acting & music. I was thinking building relationships with the night clubs I do business at further and work as an independent promoter for them so that way I can do the marketing any way I like with very little creative control from them.

Thank you guys for your help.
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    My advice to grow your ig with more followers is to add more content and start following users who follow the clubs in las vegas in order to gain followers
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    Any advice ?
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    Hey Jarettc

    took a look at your instagram page - really awesome page.

    I do agree with Jay Mz as far as continuing to build your following.

    As for an idea for monetizing, it seems as if night clubs and bars would be your target audience and with a big following, you could promote their clubs at a set rate for each promotion.

    Again, I recommend you build a BIG following - global. This way, your reach will be a large number of people regardless of which city the club is in of your promotion.

    Hope this makes sense and helps!


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      Excellent advice! And I completely agree with what you're getting at. I think if I can build a following, that will in turn add value to when the next time comes I pitch a club for doing the promoting for them. Do you recommend a set rate, though? Or one based on amount of entries into the club I can get from my marketing? Like a % at the door.

      Thanks and Shalom as well.

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        let us know if you need more help you can always pm us
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