How do I monetize on facebook?

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how do i monetize on facebook?
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    What exactly do you plan to do or achieve? What do you plan to advertise? If you narrow down your inquiry the more specific help you'll be able to get.

    Here are some threads that could help you:

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    I use Facebook fan pages. As of now, FB will let you promote affiliate offers through boosted posts. I've had months of $100+ profit and $1200+ profit after ad cost. Narrowing down your target audience is key.
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    If you are looking for a free approach then FB offers several tutorials on how to advertise on their platform. If you google FB ads you will find lots of information provided by FB for free.

    If you don't mind paying for a course there are lots of people teaching how to produce ads on FB that lead to monetization. I'm sure you will find several here on WF.

    Good luck,

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      Any course you recommend in particular ?
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    The sky's the limit here. Some people do CPA, affiliate stuff, Sell t-shirts or other create on demand products. Rend promoted post spots to local businesses... Just make sure you're providing value to your fans and staying in FB terms of service.
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    Depends if you have any assets or if you just want to run ads to sell a product or service. Whatever you do, I recommend trying video
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    Without you being specific it's hard to advise.
    Presumably, you will choose a niche and drill it down and start a page on your chosen subject, preferably something you know or are enthused about. I suggest you create a new page within your account. Then start to post at least a couple of times a day, get pics and videos up. You need your page looking like it has plenty of history and good content before going public.

    I would recommend having a capture page if doing affiliate or obviously your own website if you are PLR or have your own product. Remember only your own websites you own, FB or anyone else can close you in a wink of an eye. Know you need to get out there, whilst building your page join other groups and engage so you can lure people to your page at some point. when you build enough likes you can find companies to post links on your page. Ensure they are congruent with your theme and you will be paid on a CPC basis. I like to do CPA and get a buyers list and then do a mirror list on FB to start a campaign.

    Good luck on your journey.
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    Find a product you like and are interested in. The money will follow. You seem to be concentrating on the ad first and your product second. It should be the other way around. Good luck.
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    Originally Posted by New Original View Post

    how do i monetize on facebook?
    you don't monitize facebook because that sounds like your gaming the system and by now you surely understand what platforms do with people who try to game it. Rather what you should focus on is creating business plan that is so good it won't matter where you post...people will want to know more about it. Spent 95% of your time creating something the market place needs and spend 5% worrying about which platform to monitize.
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    Depends on the property you have in hand care to share more about it.
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    try to gather more information about this by searching in google,or some forums...,so that you will get more information..
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