How to change the Name ???

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After creating a Facebook Page (to accompany my web site - as an example:, I see this in the url field(for example):

Does it currently take X number of 'likes' to my FB page first before I can have it changed to:

If so, how many 'likes' would I need?

Then how do I change it?
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    No, it's not related to likes.
    Setup a username, admin for your page. You should be able to change it from page settings.
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    Do you have a username set up for your personal account?

    Go to your personal account / settings / general and there is a place to set up a username.

    I have been told that if you don't have it set up (have to be able to verify via mobile phone), then you can't set up a username for any pages.

    Report back...maybe it will solve the problem finally.
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    Just go to and change it. Remember you can only change it once so make sure that you choose the right URL.
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    I found this answer in the Facebook Help Center, not sure if this helps...
    I searched for How do I change my Page's name?
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    I made a change on my FB site. After that I waited about 2 days for aprooval from FB.
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    Its Simple .. Setup You Page User Name. You Will Get This Option Below Your Page Name (@username)

    Keep In Mind You Can't Change Your Page User Name After 200+Likes
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      Thanks for the replies.
      I accidentally set up the username, that I want for my Page name, as my Profile username. Is there a way to switch that Profile username to my Page username?
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