How can I gain massive followers in instagram and monetize it for $5/Day?

by ssnfb
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Hi Warrioirs,

I started a instagram account few days ago. I'm getting followers slowly like 10-15 per day. How can I increase my followers fast? My account is based on work from home mom, mom and baby etc. How can I monetize this account for making $5 per day? Currently I'm trying to monetize my account with a CPA survey offers, getting few clicks but single $$. So please suggest me How can I make money from it as a newbie?

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    If you are interested in increasing Instagram followers, then you can use the following guidelines:
    1. Create a strong profile with an eye catching profile photo
    2. Start liking the photos of other user
    3. Comment on other users photos
    4. Find and follow your friends
    5. Geo tagg your pictures
    6. Add comments, questions or CTAs to your photos
    7. Find the right time to post contents on Instagram,
    8. Post regularly on Instagram but do not post too often
    9. Integrate your other social media channels with instagram
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    The quickest way to grow your instagram would be to like and follow other users. At some point you will have a nice base that will be interested in your posts and you can focus more on posting quality content. Custom posts with watermarks are useful and video is a another great way to keep your audience engaged. Keep your link at the top of your instagram bio and swap updates with similar niche pages if you can. You might even decide to get software to help you automate some of this. For this, I tend to recommend MassPlanner.

    Best of luck!
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    I'm looking forward to following this thread as I have no real expertise with Instagram but realize its a huge marketing opportunity with the right approach.
    Best of luck
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    I just found out about from another post. May be an option.
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