Facebook blocking my account for ID more than 1 week ago

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Facebook blocked my account 1 week ago, and asked for government ID. I provided it and I have a message that reads:
"Unfortunately, you won't be able to access your account while we're reviewing these additional documents. We appreciate your patience, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can."
I had that account for +6 years. and I need it heavily for communication, is there any solution?
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    Unfortunately, you would need to wait out for the results of their investigation. Best thing to do is follow up on their support (if there is a viable channel)
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      How can I find a a support channel? I couldn't find their custom support anywhere on the website.
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    Google? They have a help center. You can create an account/log in there and settle your account issues there.

    Message me about WarriorForum!

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    Unfortunately, I think you just have to wait...
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    I have been waiting for more than 1 year. and Nothing happened, I think I lost that account. the problem is that I have business messages on that account that I can't access anymore.
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  • please stay calm and wait
    complete their investigation
    after investigation u will get account back
    or create a new id of facebook
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    If Facebook blocks you then you should wait until they unblock you..there is no other choice..
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