Paid for Ad in FB - Good stats?

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Hello everyone,

I paid for a net marketing ad, my first, in Facebook, promoting an affiliate program I'm a member of. And here are the stats:

- 8 link clicks
- 704 Reach
- Cost $0.81 per click
- Amount spent $6.48
- 707 impressions
- 1.0 Frequency
- 7 Unique Clicks

Are those good stats? Am I missing anything there? Any advice on how I could improve my ad's performance?

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    That's pretty good, theres always room for improvement. Just try to narrow down more of a target audience, also run pixels on your site to track people who come and go.
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    That depends entirely on whether or not you are profiting on the backend. If you spend $1 to make nothing then that is no good. If you spend $1 and make a lot more in the end, well then I would say it is worth it.
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    Decent stats but now it's about retargeting to make sure some of those clicks can lead to conversions
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    Like you all said, I'll try a more target audience in my next ad. An interesting sidenote is that I happened to use the affiliate program's tracker in the ad whereas it stated that it actually had 37 unique and 39 total clicks as opposed to just 7 and 8 respectively stated in the FB stats? Not sure what to make of it?
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    All depends on what you are selling/promoting.
    here is an ad of me
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