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Hey, hey...

I'm looking into YouTube video creation to start building passive traffic streams..

I know there's onsite and offsite YouTube Video SEO that you need to take into account, so there are couple cool tricks I've come across:

01. Search a generic term for your niche, sort videos by most traffic and find one with THOUSANDS of views. Then use Google Chrome Extension for VidIQ to see all the tags that person used for the video.

02. EMBED videos into a blogger blog to rank better. Apparently, embedding is a very powerful way to backlink that gets great ranking results.

03. Use your email subscriber list to dump views into your video, to help it rank quickly.

But I'm wondering...any other thoughts or tricks & tips you've come across that you recommend for ranking a YouTube Video with SEO?

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  • 1. Get More Video Views From Online Communities.
    2. Optimize Around "Video Keywords"
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    also keep commenting on youtube videos of your niche by leaving related blog link or video link to connect with other youtube members...this may help you for youtube video SEO
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      Never thought of this one...

      Thanks Arvind.

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    I am looking for this kind of post..
    I have posted a help post on YouTube SEO but no one get my question.
    But you, You are done great buddy.. Thank you so much for the post.
    God bless you..
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      Glad I could help!

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    I usually end up on page one of youtube, except when competing against Jonas. I think he is releasing a product on this in a month or two. But anyway . I always use the key word phrase I am targeting in the file name, title and first line of description as well as the first tag. I then tag other related phrases and write a short essay in the description with links to the resources. There are some definite rules on what links are allowed. I either use a subdomain redirect or a bitly link. I also use software called vidlyft after the video has aged for 24 hours if I don't automatically show at the top... Hope it helps
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    It’s no secret that YouTube is a traffic source with almost limitless potential.

    There’s only one problem:

    It’s a very crowded place. In fact, according to YouTube, there are more than 100 hours of video uploaded to the site every minute.

    Considering the deluge of content you have to compete with on YouTube, the obvious question is: “How do you get people to watch YOUR video instead of the millions of others?”

    The answer? Video SEO.

    I bet that most of your competition lazily uploads their videos and hopes that one of them “goes viral.” Needless to say, this rarely (if ever) works out.

    But if you take the time to optimize your videos for SEO, you’ll get significantly more traffic than your competitors.

    Let’s jump right in.
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    I think you should visit blog backlinko of Brian Dean. He has a advance tutorial about SEO Youtube. Enjoy!
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