Will Snap Chat Be The Next Facebook or Twitter Stock

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Snap Chat ticker SNAP went public this month and everyone is wondering if this will be the next Facebook or Twitter Stock, what do you think.
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    Maybe worth at least a small investment at least at the initial stages to see how it responds...
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    definitely not facebook... and I don't think twitter either.. it's too much of a one horse show... pony.. whateverr the expression is

    It's a gamble for the short term, a small gain for medium term, and unknown for long term, that's my call.
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    No not ever. Do you use Snapchat more than Facebook or Twitter
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    nope, it won't. not all the businesses can be properly reresented in snapchat. they merely don't have stuff to share. image you procude trucks. what will you show?)
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    Facebook's stock has been going up since its IPO and Twitter's has been going down since its IPO. I would guess that Snapchat will end up more like Twitter than Facebook.

    Snapchat is really cool now with younger people. I don't get it at all but I'm almost 40. I'm too old to understand it. At first glance you would think that the young hip product with the young hip users would be better. But what's the one thing I have that teens and 20 somethings don't have? Money. How are you going to make money selling to people with no money to spend? That imo is where Snapchat is at.

    Facebook engages everyone including loser old people like me. That's why it's successful as an advertising platform and why its stock is steadily going higher.
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    I think that it may not be as big as facebook but It does have more potential then twitter as Snapchat sees itself as a camera company as well as a social media network so it's success could depend on the hardware it starts to produce.
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    I can surely see it having more potential than Twitter. Probably not as much as Facebook.
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