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I want to know that if I create a Facebook page, can I post any pic from google, or internet to entertain the followers? I'm asking this since I'm in a different kind of marketing, and it's indeed not allowed to post pictures or articles on your blog.

And, what about Facebook cover photo? Can I just pick it from Google and post on Facebook Cover or DP?

I don't know much about the rules of Facebook, but I've seen many pages share the videos, links, pictures, and even news from the other websites on their Facebook pages...

So, is it mean rules change when it comes to Facebook Page?

What are your thoughts?
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    If you use Google images - advanced search - you can filter pics to only see those free to use on websites etc.

    On the main FB page so long as you don't pretend a picture is yours I would say it is okay to share it.

    Forum posts, Tweets, blog comments, webcopy, forum moderation and more.
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    You will certainly want images that don't violate any trademark claims etc...royalty free etc..
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    You might want to credit the image creator if the image is not part of a post from an expert, as in an article written by someone else. Also, in the 2.5 years I've had my page, I had 1 incident where a couple of people were upset about an image I shared from another public page because they somehow thought I had hijacked it from their personal page. That was ridiculous of course as I wasn't on their "friends" list so their privacy settings would have prevented that. I tried to explain where exactly where I shared it from but did delete the image and unfortunately had to block them from my page as they kept bothering me even after the image was down. Still, most times I've had no problems with images or visitors.
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    Ok, I've searched the internet, and as far as I understand, it's not even allowed on Facebook, but I still have some questions.

    First - Can I share link of any website/blog on my Facebook? Or, I can't even do that? For example, if I find some product or news and want to share it with my fans, can't I share the link of it on my Facebook page, or it's still illegal to do that?

    Second - What about the YouTube videos? What if I want to share the link of some YouTube video on my Facebook Page, is it allowed?
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      On Facebook, if I post an article from another source I just make sure the source is properly identified and credited. Oftentimes, I have visited the FB page of the organization that was written about, advised them of the upcoming post, complimented them on their success (if that is appropriate, depending on what I am posting) and invite them to visit my page to see the post. Usually I hear back from them thanking me for the post. The step of reaching out to them often brings more eyeballs to my page which is another benefit to me! Win-Win!!
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    One tip is to find free images. Just Google "free images" or "no royalty pics". You will be amazed at how many sites have free images you can use.
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    U can probably use pic from gg without being banned. I promise
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