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Friends, most of you know this already, but here it is. Basically, we see Instagram is a scam. They can delete your account for no reason. Also, they do not tell you that it was taken away. Seriously, they have poor customer service. Sadly, all your work is gone.

Building up a following can take years. Well, take care.
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    They may have a valid reason why your account has been deleted. Try to figure it out, so you should understand.
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      I agree with voltaireross. IG is not that evil to delete your account out of the blue.
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        I am not here to be the douche but all kinds of YouTubers, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit(and it seems IG) users have started to experience the same thing lately. I hear a lot how they restrict/ban/shadowban them with completely blatant or no reasons at all. They mainly address controversial topics but still, their reasons are 100% nonsense(if they even have any) or it's even enough to get someone offended by anything to get the punishment. I remember when a fitness guy got banned for 30 days on fb for an insanely stupid reason: watch?v=kL1NQOn4AzE. This is it.

        Since IG is owned by Facebook, the same thing can happen. Pewdiepie also gets a lot of heat for nonsense reasons besides many big players. Don't know what's the case here but things are getting odd on social media for sure.
        It's not a coincidence why people started to spread out to new websites lately.
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    may be your ban would have been the result of intense cloaking
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    Instagram is an honorable social network. I am sure there was a reason for your account to be deleted. May be it was hacked and used for inappropriate reasons, who knows..
    Did you try to contact them via your registered email? May be that could clarify the situation.
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    I agree with everyone here. I would try to figure out what happened. IG has the most engaged user base of any platform right now just go look at the hard numbers. In other words, you won't want to miss out on the biz growth you can get from IG.

    I personally am experiencing great engagement rates on IG, I'm not just saying IG is great. I am currently practicing and experiencing it.

    I wouldn't give up without at least trying to find out what happened and if you can fix it at all
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    There has to be some reasoning behind deleting your account. In the case that they do delete your account it would not be difficult to get it restored. They don't just wipe all your accounts data.
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    I think there is a thing called auto-ban and is probably the result of their security algorithm. In the beginning there were like 13 Instagram employees to handle like 250-300 million users before they sold to Facebook so it may have been an unintentional auto-ban. Instagram is now owned by Facebook so they have many employees dedicated to Instagram now. Anyway a couple of my accounts got (I think) auto-banned and when I tried to log in it said something like this account has violated their terms but on that login was a link to have Instagram look into it. So I filled out the info they requested and gave them what they requested which was a picture of me holding up a piece of paper with my Instagram accounts username plus my name and a code number they sent me by email. They eventually got back to me and reactivated my 2 accounts. So try to login and look for the link to contact them and if they find you didn't do anything to violate their terms you should get your account back.
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      Anyway, do you know how to grow your followers? Tell me if you know
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