Instagram engagement? What's a good ratio?

by Mr Squeeze 4 replies
Hey guys,

Just wanted to ask any of you who are using instagram about post engagement.

I'm growing 2 accounts manually and both are up to around 200 followers in 48 hours.

Both different niches. Each post I make receives between 40 and 60 views if it's a video and between 20 to 40 likes if it's a picture.

Is this a decent engagement or is it too low?

Thanks in advance.

Mr squeeze.
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    The main demographic of Instagram is 18-29 year olds, so obviously concentrate on that group. The average ER is 2-3%, compare that to the major players of Fashion industry 50%, followed by Media & Entertainment 22.0%, and Beauty & Fitness 11.5%.

    I would say you are doing quite well but obviously room for improvement there.
    Good luck with you venture!
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    normal is 2-3% as someone stated. only a few accounts can get 50% so thats not the norm. search accounts and you can see the numbers yoursef.

    Yours is getting great engagement. A) new accounts have been getting better reach with instagrams algo. B) your content is good with good use of hashtags.
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    It is very early yet keep growing your following and post good content and you'll be able to analyze more in a couple of months.
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