How can I grow my Facebook page without any paid advertising?

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Hello there,

I want to know how can I grow my Facebook page without any paid advertising, the page is one month old and have some followers also but not enough, Please help meeeeeee.
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    How To Increase Your Facebook Reach Without Paying For Advertising.
    Ways To Increase Your Facebook Reach Without Spending Money
    1. Create Awesome Content
    This is the first and foremost thing you should think about. Awesome and compelling content that talks directly to your customers, fans, and audience is the best thing you can do. But it does require a strategy. I think the best way to have something to share is to blog, take photos, and create an online persona. When you have great content on your website and other online sites, it's easier to have something of VALUE to share.

    2. Embed Your Posts
    It is likely that your audience is hanging out all over the web and not only on Facebook. You can extend the reach of your Facebook post by embedding that post on your blog. This will get your Facebook posts in front of your website viewers and allow them to interact with your Facebook content off Facebook.

    3. Encourage Likes & Shares
    The way Facebook algorithm works, the more liked and commented on your Facebook post is the more eyeballs it will reach. One easy way to get something important out is to encourage your fans to like it or share it with their network. You can only do that with really great content. If the content is good, people will like it. But don't ask for likes or shares, this could actually hurt you. If you've done a good job building a relationship with your fans you will see that this will be easy to achieve.

    4. Ask Your Fans To Receive Notifications
    Have you ever noticed that you get notifications from your top friends? Did you know that you can receive the same type of notifications from Fan pages? It's true and a lot of people don't know this is possible. To get notifications on Fan page content, hover over the "Like" image on and click notifications. Once you do that, every time that page is updated you will get an instant notification. There's nothing wrong with asking your fans to do the same for your Fan page. Again, if you have the relationship built, share awesome content and don't over post, your fans will be happy to do this. After all, they want to see your notifications, right?

    5. Give Reasons To Comment
    Commenting is one of the best ways to increase the eyeballs on your content. Try to kick off each post with a comment from the Fan page and your personal page to get the conversation going. We also give this advice to our blogging clients. It is also a good idea to ask questions or give incentives to increase commenting. Both of these tactics work, and I recommend you try it.

    6. Mix Up Your Content
    The common thought used to be that every post should have an image attached. While this is a good tactic because it has a longer shelf-life, it is smart to mix it up. Links now show up on News Feeds the same size of images which increases the click-through.

    7. Become a Content Curator
    Again, it all comes back to great content. When you have great content to share, more people are going to tune in. Share articles, images, and videos that will keep your fans coming back for more. The more often one person connects with your content will determine how often they see your content. Be targeted with your content and your true and loyal fans will love it!

    8. Create Fan Page Relationships
    There are a few ways to go about this. One way is to share other fan page content. Because everyone is sharing the content of huge publications and brands, you might want to think about targeting middle sized fan pages instead as they will notice it more. When you give love to other Fan pages, they will likely return the favor and share your content. You can also tag pages within your posts. The other Fan page will see your tag and hopefully be happy. In order to build a successful relationship you have to think about this. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. It's a two way street people!

    Source: How To Increase Your Facebook Reach Without Paying For Advertising
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      All good tips Vicky!

      Also if you have a big following on another social media platform sharing your Facebook link could help. Just don't do it too much you don't want to look like you're just spamming.
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      As i plan to give my tip to the asker then u have show all my tips. LOL. Nice cmt
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    You can grow your Facebook followers by using the following tips:
    1. Frequently update your account
    2. Comment at other users account
    3. Like and share the post of other users
    4. Create a strong profile with a very strong pic
    5. Participate in the Facebook contest
    6. Use strong call to action
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    You can definitely grow your Facebook page without doing any paid advertising. It is not suddenly but gradually the visitors will increase. The main thing you have to do is, share attractive, unique posts like photos, videos, good contents and share those into different groups related to your theme. So that you can get more visitors from there.
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    Curating content for other pages is a great way to network with other people in your industry, while increasing your own visibility and reach.
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    Understanding That Social Media is All About Communication is the Key to Getting Likes and Shares... Here's Why!
    Want to get more people to like your content on social media and share it with their friends? Then it's time to go right back to basics and to remember why people use social media in the first place. You need to remember what it is that social media is first and foremost.

    And what is it? It's a form of communication.
    And communication is inherently about expression.
    Once you understand this, you'll be able to better understand the psychology of sharing and thereby encourage people to share much more of your content. So read on...

    Why People Share
    So social media is about communication, which is about expression.
    This holds true in real life too - when we communicate, we are largely expressing something about our views, our feelings or our personality. We love to express ourselves and in fact, most of us are pretty narcissistic. Given half a chance, we'll almost always try to steer the topic onto something about us!

    And this is also apparent when you look around someone's bedroom or home: it will be decorated with things that say things about them. It's about their sense of style, their hobbies and interests and their families and friends.

    Your Facebook profile is very much an extension of this. And the things you share on your wall and the pictures you post are all about showing people what matters to you and what you like to do (or what you'd like them to think you like to do!).
    Knowing this, what is it that makes someone like a Facebook page or share a link often? Self-expression.

    If you write a post that's all about the health benefits of martial arts, then who do you think is going to share it? Martial artists! Why? Because they want people to know that they agree with your statement and thereby make it a part of their identity.
    Likewise, if you write something about working from home and it's amusing/relatable, then people will post it who work from home so that their friends can learn a little more about the way they work.

    As you can see then, sharing content is very commonly just a way to show off different aspects of your own personality.
    Sharing With Friends

    And the other reason we share? That's to show that we're thinking of someone. When we're not expressing ourselves, we're usually sharing content that we think is ideally suited to someone else.

    So what do both these scenarios have in common? In both situations the content is aimed at a single, very specific person. Don't try and please everyone - try to write expressive content that the right people will identify with.

    Good Luck
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    Interesting activities and sharing content to different websites. Install like widget to your own website will help you to get FB likes.

    Niriya offers best Digital Marketing Services

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    Yes, you can grow your Facebook page without any paid advertising. You should have to just follow some basic tips listed below:
    1. Make sure your page about us is meaningful that helps people to know about your page easily.
    2. Share, write content (interesting information, images, quote, discount price) related to your page twice in the day during facebook post boost time.
    3. Ask the question related to your niche.
    4. Ask people for some general feedback.
    5. Include Call to action. (In any)
    6. Give response to everyone.
    7. Post a Quiz or Poll

    Above small but great beneficial tips will help to boost your page.
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    hey there

    try this....
    go to your fb page ..check to make sure that you have a fb signature on your page which leads back to a free blog or website

    then go out and do a boat load of likes, comment and shares on a daily basis
    in no time you will quad tripple your numbers

    talk soon
    sam f
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