which pinterest proxies?

by monere
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Can someone please explain which proxies work best for pinterest? I need some proxies for a Pinterest software, and I get lost in the sheer amount of options that these proxies have.

I did some research about this topic prior to creating this thread, and while I did understand (sort of) what proxies are and the difference between socks VS http proxies, I'm still having a hard time interpreting these differences in relation to pinterest bots.

Also, I get lost in the multitude of types of proxies, besides socks and http. There are shared proxies, dedicated proxies, private proxies, premium proxies and so many others, that it makes my head spin. Can someone please tell me which of these proxies should I use with Pinterest software, and why?

Also, I noticed that some proxy services rotate the proxies monthly, and since proxies act like IPs I was wondering if this rotation won't get me into trouble when Pinterest detects that my accounts rotate IPs monthly. Any words on this?

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