Facebook live broadcasting. How can I promote a live DJ show and use that tool to promote a bar?.

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I want to use Facebook Live to video & audio broadcast a DJ show on a weekly basis. I have a really nice venue which is a roof top bar. Yesterday I broadcasted live with the sun set over the city behind me, it's a very beautiful video stream. So the venue is perfect but as it's a fairly new venue, a lot of people don't know it exists, but it has the best prices, nicest view and nicest music of all the sky bars in the city so it could certainly compete.

My concept is to run a weekly show to promote the bar, people can tune in from their home or phone or car for just like a radio show and the show can be promotion for the bar, can run jingles and graphics over the stream to promote the bar, I could use multi cameras to alternate between the DJ and the customers, so people watching will see and make them want to go there.

So my question is, how can I promote these shows to get people all over the city/country/continent to know the show exists and get them to tune in?.
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