Can You Explain Facebook To Me Like I'm 5?

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I have an ecommerce store which I've been running for a while, but have neglected all social media for. I've built a very generic page for my store: header, avatar, link to website, site message/purpose.

I am really clueless when it comes to using facebook as a means of funneling customers to my site; I really don't see how effective it would be for a small relatively unappealing niche store.

For example, let's say I sell coasters for drinks. I assume I'd start a campaign where I target people who look like they might drink and therefore use coasters.

If I imagine I am one of these people:
  1. I see an ad for a blue coaster, I don't click it because I don't need a coaster
  2. I see a really cool picture of a blue coaster on a table made from a ford f-150 engine, so I click it, and maybe I even like the coaster sites fb page, but I still don't buy a coaster. Because I don't need one.
  3. I see a really interesting ad that goes to a blog post regarding how coasters prevent 400,000 drink rings on tables per year, save baby pandas lives, and feed 1 african child per year. I like but I still don't buy the coaster because I don't need on at that exact moment in time.

Now I can see how ad campaigns with cool/interesting/wow ads about their topic can work really well for hype products, weight loss products, products/store where people will have to keep buying from each week/month, products that undercut their competition in price, and for really cool products that lead to impulse buys.

Where I can see facebook helping for everyone is trust. If someone falls onto my site from google via a buyers intent query (ie: buy coasters), then having a nice populated facebook page would help that customer feel your site is trustworthy/high quality.

But for a small niche store that sells relatively uninteresting products to a niche market, how can facebook really help lead to more sales? I'm not seeing how ad campaigns/facebook in general would really help in my case.

Can someone fill me in on how I can make fb work well with my store, and use it as a funnel for sales?
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    If you are new to FB ads you can find some couse to learn, and if FB ads dont suit you, i recommend you you Instagram Ads or Yahoo ads.
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