BREAKING NEWS: FB's first social Virtual Reality product?

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Didja hear?

FB is making its own VR product about itself, called 'Facebook Spaces'!

TechCrunch has another blurb about it over at:

In a nutshell, with Spaces, those who have bought into the Oculus ecosystem can connect their Facebook accounts and dive into an environment where communication isn't about chat messages, but voice and avatar body language.

The imagery is interesting, to say the least!

Personally it reminds me of Second Life... how 'bout you?

One thing I will say, it will open the doors to lots of money making products....

Perhaps you should be first!

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    yessss! I was going to say it reminded me of Second Life but you beat me to it! haha

    I'm kind of excited to see what we can do with it beyond just an interactive platform. The potential's there to be a digital 'utopia' where we effectively play digital lords of spaces, manipulating what's around us, visiting different spaces and what not.

    I'm certain designers are going to have a field day with this one..
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