How helpful is social media for business?

by TimMartin072 15 replies
Well what I think are as follows and also need your opinions:

Increase significant client bits of knowledge
Increment mark mindfulness and unwaveringness
Run focused on promotions with constant outcomes
Produce higher changing over leads
Give rich client encounters
Increment site movement and inquiry positioning
Discover what your rivals are doing
Share content quicker and simpler
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    I think social mediaits a great way to spread your business and get good trafic ,and by becoming an authority in your niche on desired platform you will get good money
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  • Social media channels and SEO techniques can be combined together to promote business sales. Social media channels are rich in traffic and using the social media channels can provide the following advantages:
    1. Gain valuable customer insights
    2. Run targeted ads with real-time results
    3. Generate higher converting leads
    4. Provide rich customer experiences
    5. Increase website traffic and search ranking
    6. Find out what your competitors are doing
    7. Share content faster and easier
    8. Geo-target content
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    True statement but what type of business matters. Social media works a lot better for a bakery than it does for instance, for a plumber. But yeah... every biz can use it to some degree.

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      Originally Posted by ZNICK View Post

      True statement but what type of business matters. Social media works a lot better for a bakery than it does for instance, for a plumber. But yeah... every biz can use it to some degree.
      What about IT consultant business how come social media can be a boast up for such business type? Please
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    Main benefits of social media marketing for businesses:
    Increased brand awareness
    More Inbound Traffic
    Improved Search Engine Rankings
    Higher Conversion Rates
    Better Customer Satisfaction
    Improved Brand Loyalty
    Very Cost-Effective
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    How can any business survive without social media?
    Disagree with the plumber analogy I've helped many tradespeople gain many more sales via social media,
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    I'd have to agree with ZNICK: "what type of business matters."

    My own personal experience with social media is that some platforms are better than others for promoting internet marketing. I get a lot out of Twitter, but Facebook is a jungle when it comes to IM. In fact, after moving away from Warrior Forum into a few Facebook groups, I'm happy to return on a more regular basis. There's selling on the Warrior Forum, but its a lot more subtle and the advice is often quite good.

    I'm sure plumbers and bakers, etc. can do an outstanding job with the right Facebook profile and ad budget. But advertising Internet marketing courses, on the other hand, can be very expensive and the competition is very stiff from some of the better-known and better-financed marketing gurus.

    Part of the problem is that not only are some of the relatively famous marketers inundating the newsfeed, but their minions are quite active as well. You can't get from point A to B without bumping into some Facebook live presentation by an Elvis impersonator selling you the latest Facebook hack course. If that's your cup a tea, give periscope a try.

    Additionally, I am constantly running into my own peers promoting the same products as I or a competitor promoting a similar product. A lot of this, IMHO, is preaching to the converted and without a substantial ad budget your going to need a heck a lot of followers to break through. The links, the friends and the Fanpages are fine. But, not only do you need a healthy chunk of cash, your ads in the IM niche are scrutinized very carefully by Facebook. One 'misleading statement' or pissed off competitor can lead to your ad account suspension forever. At least the Google Adsense Team works with you to get your ads to comply with their standards.

    Do I sound like I'm complaining? Maybe, but getting a good lay of the land can help you put your resources to better effect over time. I do like Twitter. I get a lot more love with likes and retweets then I do on Facebook. It's a simple fact, at least in my case. Maybe I need 5,000 friends or something. I'm still involved with FB, but just to check in with my coaches and friends and catch up on the latest marketing news.
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    Now a day’s social media is the best way to promote your business product or services and increase traffic.
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    Now a day’s social media is the most effective platform to generate referral traffic and increase the rankings on the search engine. It is the best way to promote any business and services. Social media is a great networking and communication platform.
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    Very helpful! Social media today is one of the great tool for business. A coffee shop for an instance, people would see it first on social media and they will be curious about it then maybe they'd like to try your product.
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    How helpful is social media for business?

    Social media itself isn't important. What's important is, you're able to make the contact.

    My point is, does your traffic use social media, If so what are they using (Twitter, Facebook, etc...)? ...and just because someone is using Twitter doesn't mean they'll use Facebook (example).

    Follow the relevant traffic.
    Be your best self. - Darryl Philbin
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    It's helpful a lot but recently it's a two way street, could easily destroy or ruin reputation especially how fast it could spread like wildfire .
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    If you are planning Social Media for Promoting Business, this is best ever idea. Social Media is a very effective platform to boost any ideas, products. and many more
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    the most important, it gives you a good traffic, and popularity. Also, it gives you a lot of lessons, if you're near your customers/target you will know what are they needs, bad and good sides of your business.
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    Social Media is only relevant to businesses/companies who can present themselves aesthetically.
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