Strategies on Facebook to reach out to clients incline to purchase upmarket products (garment)

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Dear All,
I have hear a colleague talking about how he managed to attract an audience to his wife's company using Facebook advertising.
What would be your suggestions/experience to reach out to clients interested in buying (really) high quality garments from a start up ?
All ideas / comments suggestions are welcome
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    My strategy is: firstly, I run bing or gg to drive traffic to my post (I add the pixel too). Then when i have a list of customers came to my post, i use this pixel to hire Fb to retarget my customers again. This earn me alot of money. Check it out, guy
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      Hey Ryan sorry you've got to decode there
      Running bing or google to drive traffic on a post ? I apologise but I can't get it. When you say I add "the pixel", what do you mean? A picture ? Retargeting on Facebook can be limited to those who actually liked or generated impressions on a picture ? Be patient with me thanks.

      Maybe you mean the boost the publication/promotion function and the annexed demographic/location variables, right?
      But the issue is that the socio-demographic variables are a tad too broad to narrow down exactly what's interesting to reach out to an upmarket client

      Please try to explain step by step
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