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Hey guys,

Similar posts are out there but I want to ask you guys something very specific. I am hoping you can help me out. I work for a company that pays people to use their Facebook Ad Managers we offer up to $100 for them. I am trying to find people who are interested in participating in our program but I am not having much luck.

There is a whole industry of people doing what we are doing and my co-workers are doing alright from themselves one of which is setting new records each month so I know it's something I am doing wrong.

I've tried to make a Facebook Group but can't drive traffic to it.

I've tried craigslist posts but the competition for my industry is rough and my posts generally get ghosted now a days. I've even resorted to paying people on Fiverr.com to post for me but not getting any real results.

I am having a hard time finding good information on HOW to hunt for leads on Facebook and Twitter but I am interested in investing myself in the material if I can be lead in the direction.

I have gone Forum hunting as well but I am having a hard time thinking of keywords and forums that match it. I've looked for forums for, work from home, desperate for cash, Need money, etc.. Can you guys think of any keyword forums I can look into?

I've made a website at CashwithFB.com which has helped but I need to drive the right traffic to it.

I feel like it shouldn't be this hard to give people money and I keep running into people who are doing crazy numbers but don't share their secret. I would greatly appreciate any help or insight you guys have an will continue to look through the forums.
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  • Bottom line: Most thinking people think you are a scammer. Legit companies, with nothing to hide don't have to borrow other people's ad accounts. Period.

    Legit companies that are banned by Google/FB/etc., (and I'm sure it happens sometimes), find other legit ways to advertise.

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      I 100% agree with you. My stay at this company will be brief I don't agree with their methods and I feel their recruitment methods were less than upfront with what you'd be doing exactly. I feel like its some black hat guerrilla marketing.

      None the less I have bills to pay and a little mouth that needs feeding so in between finding a new job I need to make this work. I feel like our market is people who really need some quick cash.

      I am open and honest with what I am doing unlike some others in this industry which is probably a huge part of my low numbers. I am not scamming people and the people I do work with are happy with the process because they know exactly what to expect and what they are getting into.

      I am trying to reach more people like that. People who are in need and looking for a way to make some cash to help with bills and what not.
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