A page invited me to like their page on Facebook

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How is that possible?

I´ve never seen or liked anything from that page..
Suddenly I got an invite from it...
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      I read that blog post yesterday btw..

      But It doesnt say anything about what happenend. Its not a new feature to add someone that has liked your post. I have never interacted with this business, and yet they could invite me to like their page.
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  • If you have a lot of Facebook friends, another possibility is you have a Facebook friend who moderates that page that sent a mass invite to like their page..
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    Yes, it's possible. Any of your friend could be a moderator or an editor of that page. Infact you can invite any one to like a fb page.
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    if you have lots of friends then i would happen ...if something like that occurs for you to like their page its your wish ..if you want to like that page means you can like or else dont open that...
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