How to verify Google and Facebook accounts for clients (hack needed)

by stone
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I've started providing a service for my clients to setup Google, Facebook and a few other social profile accounts for them to help with their social network and blog marketing.

The challenge in this is that after setting up a few accounts with the same mobile # (mine), I can no longer verify new accounts, or verify setting up an app in Facebook for my clients with my number.

The process for example when I'm setting up an app in Facebook for my client, Facebook sends a verification text so that I can proceed. However, if I use my #, it will no longer work as it is associated with other Facebook profiles.

So I've tried setting up accounts with new numbers using Text Now ( and Text Free Web (, but any verification messages sent from Facebook do not arrive in my message queue there even though it works fine for receiving personal texts. I'm imagining that Facebook has a way of recognizing numbers from services like these and does not send their verifications message there.

So I'm looking for a workaround (or hack) to be able to setup social profile accounts and apps that require text verification on services such as Google, Facebook and other prominent social networking sites.

Maybe there is a paid service I can use that a company has created for this which I am not aware of yet. I think it's possible to outsource the work of receiving verification texts on Odesk or something, but I need something that can be done quickly when I'm working and doesn't require so much back and forth with individuals. Also, I need something that can scale easily so I can setup dozens of accounts and apps for clients each week.

If you know of anything that can help with this, I would appreciate hearing about it.

Best regards,

Stone Evans
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  • What about getting multiple Google Voice numbers and forwarding them to your cellphone? This will allow you to get the verification messages on your phone, but at the same time tells Facebook that it is someone else's number.
    This is my theory & not something I have actually attempted.
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    Hi ,

    Its possible to do with few picky paid services. However you will need to dig yourself with trial and errors. Even you found.. it will get saturated very fast (yes FB .G bans these with often abuse ) So better to try out yourself and use it yourself to avoid saturation .
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