What are the best video marketing strategies for social media?

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I want to share my YouTube videos in social media and want to generate traffic from that. What will be the best ideas for that?
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    Bulid huge fanpage you will get more views from facebook
    May be use facebook ads
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    Build up your follower base on each channel and share the videos often. A mistake many people make is they share a video once and call it quits. You can share it over and over again as many times as you want! Not everyone will see your initial post, so keep reposting it.
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    Hey ashleyjohn1189,
    First you have to optimize that youtube channel, then join your niche related groups and share your videos, if possible than FB paid advertising is also good option.
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    Create a FB page. Post your videos on that. You can join related facebook groups and post your videos there.
    Go for paid facebook campaigning if needed.
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    Youtube is the best video marketing for social media
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  • If you produce content that is interesting then you do not have to do anything - your fans will find your profile anyway. The "snowball effect" works only with a lot of movies so do not stop! Good luck mate.
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    There are several ways. Maybe if you can share a bit more info about the niche you are in we can explain you more effectively.
    Here are few ways that can work like charm if executed properly.
    Build a fanpage, use Fb ads on post to gain interactions and that will also bring you like side by side Now after you have a good following base start pushing your videos.
    Use Reddit, its a great way to gain huge amount of traffic but needs to be handled carefully. Build account as a real user and not to just promote your content.
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    Increase your facebook friends list, Create a facebook page where you will create post about your videos. Then invite your friends to like your page and they will do if they are interested in your videos. Also, your friends will see it on their timeline whenever you create a post for your page.
    Get Your Facebook ad, Google ad, Solo ad, Landing page copy and Sales copy written for you by Fiverr Ad Writing Specialist
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    Upload your video on YouTube. Share the link on social media platform such as Facebook. Join other facebook groups and share your videos there. Go for some paid campaigning to boost your post.
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  • You can do from YouTube Editor Interface itself, chose your video below the name of video are several social media icons which you can use to promote your video. Just click on share button and select the social media and login to your specific social media and post the video.
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    Video creation
    Hire video content creators
    Optimisation and Marketing
    Micro Video sharing sites
    Engaging and entartining
    User's generated content
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    This link will help you to understand strategies better:
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    create a facebook page and upload your youtube video there....and then share your video link to many social media as possible..
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    Having huge fan page will be helpful. I always use the service of social media promoter to help me out and It's always fine afterwards getting lot of views, likes and comments. I will recommend this particular one goo.
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    facebook is the best social media for marketing
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    If your video is interesting and useful or based on latest trend or solving a big problem
    then it has the chance to be shared lot and go viral.
    Keep those 3 things in mind when creating videos.
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    Something that is catchy and engaging. You can easily get ideas on the previous videos that got viral on social media.

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