How To Increase Twitter Followers And Engagement?

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I started using twitter a month back for my new website. I have decent followers(73 now) but couple of days ago my followers was like 130 but suddenly it has gone down. My observation is that some fake profiles followed me and then unfollowed. The thing which really bothering me is that does it hamper my brand?? If yes then what should I do to stay away from these fake followers? How can I recognize them?

Any help would be appreciated.
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    There's no real way to keep the fake profiles out and still attract new, actual followers. Most of the fake followers are bots that will follow you depending on which hashtags you use in your posts, but those same hashtags are what give you exposure to new audiences.

    I don't believe the influx of followers would affect your brand negatively. It's a common problem of Twitter that's fairly well known.

    Once you gain enough followers, the 60 or some bots that follow/unfollow won't even be noticeable since it will be such a small percentage. To get more followers just focus on posting regularly and engage your audience when they're already engaged in something else (e.g. trends, news, etc...).
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      Yeah, I agree with you. Posting engaging contents regularly does allow you to get more follower. I'm doing it nicely.
      What do you mean by "Enough Followers"? I mean how much?
      To give you an example, on an average my profile is being followed by at least 20-30 followers per day and 15 of them unfollowed. It's becoming a headache for me.
      I was following trends but not news so much. I will try to do that. Anyway, you helped me a lot. Thanks.
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        Well it's all relative, right? So if the 5 real followers were to increase to say 50 or 500 that would saturate the 15 bots that unfollow you making it less noticeable.

        I guess it doesn't really answer your original question, but there's no real solution to not attract the fake users.
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          Ok. Let me do some R&D about this topic and if I find any fruitful solution, I will let you know.
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    To recognize bot accounts or fake accounts the strategy which i use is to check their profile for any retweets.
    1. are they retweeting regularly or not or at least few times a week?
    2. are they retweeting the same followers content?
    3.Check their link's i mean are they spamming through repeated posting of same link's again and again.

    For above questions, if you get an answer as YES then don't follow them.
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    This is not unusual, some people follow you so that they can un-follow you when you follow them, they can also be fake followers like you suggest. Bear in mind tat before your twitter page starts to skyrocket organically in terms of followings, it will be a while. One thing i recommend you do is you can buy genuine twitter followers at They provide this service excellently.
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    There is a very good article in adespresso.
    Here is the link.
    Hope this helps
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    These following ultimate tips helps to Increase Twitter Engagement
    • Engage with Other Users Content
    • Retweet Other Users' Tweets
    • Keep Your Tweets Brief
    • Share a Variety of Links
    • Respond When Someone Tweets to You
    • Know Your Peak Hours
    • Always Use Hashtags
    • Share Images and Videos
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