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Anyone, please suggest me a tutorial website to learn social media marketing?
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    its nothing learned overnight or on youtube. its A/B testing and with having millions of followers I am able to say that.
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      thanks a lot sir
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      You are quite right about it! Most of the people online on YouTube tutorials are saying all bullshit. Same strategies don't work for everyone. You have to learn as you do experiments. See what brings you, followers, what doesn't and what makes them unfollow you.
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      absolutely agree with this. Lots of testing testing testing is always a great answer
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    Hey, Social media marketing is more effecting marketing system, you can learn on youtube. search Orisbt
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    You can try YouTube videos or check out these resources that will help you develop the skills needed to be effective in social media.
    Social Media Examiner
    Social Media Marketing and Blogging
    MOZ Guide
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    I am sure I can recommend you the best suggestion
    There are 2 website that makes me a Social Media Expert.. You can also try those


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    You can learn Social media marketing from popular Digital marketing blog.There are are lots for blogs over internet.some are Moz,Search engine land,ahrefs etc. They have really very good contents or tutorial to learn social media marketing.
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    what type of social media marketing are you after? There are so many platforms and each one of them has a way to leverage it organically and through paid traffic.

    So recommendation - focus on 1 social media platform ie Youtube or Facebook / Instagram. I say start with those twos as they have huge audiences and zone in.

    You will become distracted with so many strategies and techniques that you don't follow through. So suggestion if you're good with video creation - do youtube. If you're good at creating content and blog posts, Facebook or good with images - Instagram or pinterest.

    Then go to youtube and learn about that platform, there are loads of tutorials. Just choose 1 platform to start with.
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    It really depends on your business or if you are in sales. I train sales people how to use social media like LinkedIn to build their database and build their presence. I use Facebook for some marketing but its not quite as effective as it used to be. Instagram is great for Realtors and product based companies that can take pictures of what they sell. It just depends on what you want to do. Try to pick one that is best for you and then go from there.
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    You can always view video tutorials on Youtube or you can opt for free courses offered on
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    U can watch Digital Deepak video on you tube..
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    Social media marketing can be your best choice. You know how powerful these social networking sites are such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linkedin, Instagram, and more.
    All these sites have billion of users so you have a big chance to take part in this massive community and promote your products.
    Join different communities, groups and get more benefits.
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    Hi sindhu90
    You know that social media marketing is biggest marketing plan and every time learning social marketing consumer behavior , i think that you will learning social media marketing you help youtube video and google help
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    Udemy is the best place for learning. You will get best quality tutorials from the best teachers all around the world.
    The tutorials are for paid. You can choose and pick your desired tutorial for yourself. The sound and video quality are excellent.
    Trust me, you will learn a lot of things about social media marketing.
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    You can try various online social media marketing blogs for reading tips and tricks of social media marketing.
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    If you are so serious about this try Coursera's Social Media Marketing Specialization course!
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    Try to define your ideal customer clearly before you search for tutorial on social media marketing on Youtube or Google search.It takes some time to get the information you want but it will be worth it.

    Besides,do not wait to get the 'right' information before you start taking action but take action speedily since you might be right or wrong at anytime you act.So why would you wait for so long?
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    be careful not to rush into it, a lot of social media sites now have very fine lines between spamming and advertising, iv even heard of algorithms not being able to define between paid for adverts and spam, with people losing out on good money they have paid
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    social media is a nice place to marketing to your product and facebook is the number one platform for me to promote your product.
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    Google and Youtube are the best socila media marketing
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    if you are new to social media then it is better to learn it from you tube and google....using these you can able to gain knowledge about that....
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